Our Story

The idea for Adi and El was birthed in my mind shortly after giving birth to my second daughter in 2017.  It was the classic tale of being on maternity leave and finally having the space and margin to dream outside of the box.  And so I decided to team up with mother, who is an incredibly talented French seamstress, to bring this collection to life.  I'm forever grateful she said yes, even if it took some convincing initially!

My background is in social work and so when I set out on this journey I knew that my main objective was to create a brand that was kind in all area of if it's practices. It was through my social work connections that I found this wonderful team of skilful artisans in the foothills of the Himalayas.  The factory is small and has fair trade certification. The artisans earn a living wage and enjoy many benefits. 

As a brand we also take our environmental responsibility seriously. We use pure and natural fabrics and we try to limit our use of synthetic materials. We also use home compostable packaging when mailing out your pieces. 

My mother and I have a French heritage and this has influenced the style and direction of Adi and El. Our pieces have a simple, timeless look about them which we believe compliments the natural beauty of the individual child. 

We are a new children's clothing label and we are hoping to expand our collection and available sizes in the future. We would absolutely love to hear from you so please get in touch with us via email at: bonjour@adiandel.com

Bisous (kisses) XX

Adi and El