Fashion Revolution 2019

It is Fashion Revolution week here in Australia. Fashion Revolution is a global movement that campaigns for a fashion industry whereby dignity in the work is deemed the standard and not an exception. The movement takes place during the week of the 24th April to mark the date of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh. The Rana Plaza housed a number of garment factories and on the 24th April 2013, 1,138 people were tragically killed and many more injured when it collapsed. The tragic incident brought the world's attention to the dangerous and dreadful conditions that many people in the industry work in. Adi and El are passionate about doing things differently, which is why we have partnered with a certified FairTrade manufacturer in Dharmshala, India.

Visible Tailoring Centre subscribe to WFTO's 10 principles of fair trade and they strive towards zero waste. In addition they offer their staff many benefits, such as free on-site nursery, 50% school fees paid for every child who has a parent working at the centre, 30 days annual leave (one extra day of paid leave for each year they work at the company), annual bonuses equivalent to one month's salary, and opportunities for career advancement. Adi and El wanted to mark this week by introducing you to two employees at Visible Tailoring Centre. Meet Jagdish and Meenu.

Jagdish - 48 years

Jagdish has been living in the Himalayas since birth and has been part of the Visible Tailoring Centre (VTC) for 14 years. He loves working for the company because he gets paid a fair salary and enjoys very good working conditions. He is a father of 3 sons and all of them are studying in school. He says that Visible Tailoring Centre are paying for half of his children's school fees. Jagdish explained that when he first joined the team, he was living in a small one bedroom place which had to accomodate he and his wife and their three children. However, thanks to his employment with VTC he has been able to construct 3 extra rooms. Jagdish is thankful to CEO Andy for his commitment to equality and he notes that many women are getting job opportunities at VTC, allowing them to support their families. He has high hopes that the tailoring centre will continue to grow and provide even more work opportunities.

Meenu - 34 years

Meenu has been part of the Visible Tailoring Centre (VTC) for 8 years. Initially she joined the team as a hand stitcher but has been promoted to Quality Controller. She explained to us that in India most of the women aren't allowed to work and if they are employed it is often poorly paid or in an uncomfortable atmosphere. She states that VTC provides great opportunity to women, offering appropriate work conditions and fair wages. She counts it an honour to be working in this team. VTC pays half of the school fees for her children which has been a great help she says. Her children attend a reputable school and are getting a good education. She is delighted to work with VTC and wishes the company future success.